Dear Most Esteemed Scientists;


The International Academic Studies Conference provides a meritorious platform for the convention of the most esteemed and alembicated researchers!

Hosted by the supports of national and international scientists and various universities since 2018, the 6th International Academic Studies Conference (UBCAK) of this year shall be organized online (video recording) between July 26-27-28, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the participations of you, the most esteemed and alembicated researchers.

The aim of the 6th International Academic Studies Conference (UBCAK) is to provide a platform for the convention of scientists from Turkey and overseas conducting research in the field of Social Sciences, Science and Engineering Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, Fine Arts, Educational Sciences, Sports Sciences, Architecture and Design Sciences and to raise recognition of novel and distinctive studies, enabling the researchers to disclose their studies and contributing to the development and improvement of science within this process.

UBCAK further offers the opportunity to the young researcher candidates to gain experience and thus, establishes a platform for the association of the undergraduate and graduate students with the esteemed academicians contributing to the science.   

UBCAK Conference, excluding the January 2020 inventive criteria, fulfills other academic advancements and readership criteria as well as the entire procedures thereof.

The presentation language of the symposium shall be both Turkish and English. The entire abstracts and full text papers to be presented within the conference shall be scanned through the plagiarism software and presented to the peer review. They shall be published as e-book assigned with ISBN numbers on electronic means, provided that they shall be subject to peer review.

Your participation to the 6th International Academic Studies Conference with your estimable studies with high original value and to provide qualified contribution to their respective fields shall accolade and honor us accordingly.


  • JULY, 19, 2021

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  • JULY, 21, 2021

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  • JULY, 23, 2021

    Announcement of the Program:

  • JULY,26, 2021


  • JULY,06, 2021

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